Horizontal Therapy which is administered using the ProElec DT 2000, a German engineered machine,It is the most sophisticated form of electrotherapy available. It is really a breakthrough in electromedicine.
Communication between cells takes place in two ways: bioelectrical and biochemical. This applies to cells in bone, muscle, ligament or nerve tissue. When cellular communication is impaired, pain and disease occur.Most treatment modalities available can only treat one at a time however, With Horizonal Therapy, both bioelectrical and biochemical components can be treated all in one treatment session.

What Types of Conditions Are Treated with Horizontal Therapy?

Conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, overuse injuries, muscle re-education, headaches, post -operative pain, muscle spasm, nerve pain, joint swelling, inflammation, Spinal Stenosis, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Neuralgia, Depression...and many other conditions can be effectively treated with the Horizontal Therapy. 

Is Horizontal Therapy Safe?

It should be noted that the bioelectrical currents used in Horizontal therapy is entirely safe. They have been rigorously tested and have surpassed all standards required for biomedical devices. The current is painless and in most cases is not even felt. 

What are the contra-indications

Horizontal therapy should not be used in areas of infection, blood clots, near a pacemaker, and in those patients who have cancer or abnormal cardiac rhythms, pregnancy. The electrodes should also not be placed on the head. 

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

The average number of treatments varies from individual to individual and also depends on the condition. Ten to twenty treatments two times per week have been found to be most effective. A typical treatment takes about forty-five minutes and multiple body parts can often be treated during the same treatment session. 

Where is treatment performed?

Treatments are performed in the clinic in a relaxing electrotherapy room. You can sit in the recliner or sleep on a bed. You may read, relax, or take a nap during the session. 

Do I see a change in my pain after treatment?

Reduced pain and stiffness and an increase in range of motion are improved over time, sometimes in just a treatment or two. 

Will this really treat my pain?

Horizontal therapy has been cleared by the FDA for a number of painful conditions and there are a lot of good research work out there supporting the therapeutic efficacy of Horizontal therapy. This equipment has been engineered for the physician involved in clinical pain management and neuropathy. It has a closer relationship to surgically implanted electronic stimulators, but it is effectively delivered non-invasively through the skin without needles with virtually no undesired side effects. The device produces and delivers electronic, biologically effective signals that can be used to heal the nerves without invasive maneuvers.

Be rest assured , At Oracle Pain clinic our business is to ensure your pain is well treated and so we go to the full length to get technologies and intervention that helps. For our patients on blood thinners for one reason or the other this is a golden opportunity to optimize your pain control.

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Dr. Samuel Essandoh M.D. had his residency training at the Columbia College of Physicians and surgeons at the Harlem Hospital in New York, NY.  He did his fellowship in Pain Management at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, New York one of the top two cancer centers in the entire United States where he was thought of as one of the best in the field of Pain management.

He holds three board certifications in Pain Management, Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine.

He has multiple publications to his credit including pain management in cancer survivors and was a content review expert for palliative medicine guidelines when he was working at the Marshfield Clinic, the main competitor of Mayo Clinic in northern Wisconsin. 

In 2011 and 2012 he was recognized as one of the top pain management physicians in America by the Prestigious Consumers' Research Council of America because of his dedication to patient care and the recognition from his peers and mentors.

Dr Essandoh is also a full member of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.